Master David Xuan began his professional journey exploring Feng Shui / Traditional Chinese Metaphysic since 1991.

He has devoted his knowledge and time on I-Ching Divination. The Eight Trigrams, The Eight Mansions, I-Symbol Feng Shui, San Yuan San He, Water Dragon, Xuan Kong Da Qua, Four Pillars of Destiny (Bazi), Zi Wei Dou Shu, Fliying Stars, Eight Gates (Qi Men Dun Jia), Plum Blossom Oracle, Yin & Yang Feng Shui, Meteor & Various Mountain Method (Spiritual Study).

Having great interest in Feng Shui, David Xuan endeavours to learn and discover this mystical field of study. He constantly improves upon his knowledge and skills allowing him to provide a wide spectrum of services. He uses modern technical methods in his Feng Shui analysis whilst incorporating logic and science as well.

David Xuan’s Mission is to share the authentic knowledge of Chinese Metaphysic tradition to help people create meaningful spaces within their environments, improve personal relationships, provide better health, lifestyle, besides increasing wealth and success.

Besides being advisor to numerous companies, he has also been invited to do consultative and investigative works in geographical study of Feng Shui and to give talks in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan. Possibilities are indeed endless due to his enthusiasm in the quest of this belief in Feng Shui and this have contributed much to his success as a world-renowned expert, consultant, teacher and an adored character with his clients and students from all over.

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