Yang Feng Shui is specifically for the home, the office, factories and any residential property or premises occupied by us.

For Yang Feng Shui, there are many factors to consider, such as the environment when the residential located (Surrounding Forms & Structure), the building design, directional influences, residents(Life Kuas) and time aspects are taken into considerations for the audit


To locate the right land form within the boundary in order to build the infrastructure.

With the exception of nomads, most of us spend the vast majority of our lives in environments that are influenced of designed and build by humans. Houses, office buildings, cities and towns are all part of the daily experience of our lives. So to o are the individual rooms in our homes and places of business.

Each of the places has a distinct se of characteristics , and each of these places can exert a profound influence of the quality of our lives. more importantly, each of us knows and feels the influence of our build environment.

Although we cannot always express why, certain places makes us uncomfortable, while others are simply “Just Right”

  • Consequently, land form will play a very big role here.
  • The right individual must be selected to build the infrastructure so as to understand and not ruin what nature has bestowed on us.
  • Suitable items/objects e.g. bridges, roads, tunnels, speed bumps, water supply, power station, man-made lakes or ponds, etc. placed or build at certain location can sometimes bring enormous benefits to that place.
  • We can build right structure to lock the flow…. Dancing With The Flow


The Lands Speaks…… as a result. if build with I-Ching and San Yuan Perception. QI tapped accordingly, will produce great structures since the cosmic stars and the Nine Planets have a relation to each other. Therefore, creation of structures is important so as not to unduly affect the health and wealth of the occupants.

  • Besides time taken on planning, location is important so as not to experience any calamity e.g during ground-breaking.
  • Structures are also a form of energy, for this reason they must face the right manner.
  • Wrong design of buildings can affect the occupants or owners.
  • Shape, colour and location also plays a very important role in Feng Shui.