Chinese placed great emphasis on the burial ground location and the proper ceremonial procedures for the deceased. The bones of the dead take effect when the magnetic influences of the earth and send out signals in the form of electromagnetic waves to the descendants, due to same DNA with the deceased the descendants are able to received the same frequency and produce a series of reactions that have a good or bad impact.

Sheng Ji

From Feng Shui perspective, erection of tombstones (“ShengJi”) or also called “longevity tomb” or “live grave” is the advance technique passed down since ancient times.

Building Sheng Ji requires very specific orientation. The method specifically adopted to enhance one’s luck and course of destiny as there involves of burins the “human’s elements” such as hair, blood & nails in receiving good Feng Shui Qi or energy from the Heaven and Earth, Water and Land.

Thus with this DNA that links, it will activate to benefiting to particular person in fastest manner possible.

In ancient China, CaoCao in Three Kingdoms had 72 Sheng ji, whereas Zhu Yuan Zhang from Ming Dynasty built 100 Sheng Ji for himself. 

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If someone dies, the DNA will actually affect the descendants whether they will be doing fine or not. Thus it needs to make sure  there is good land being elected and to build up the tomb as well as tapping the right cue frame according to the environment.

There are few steps that we need to be aware of:

Select a good date for opening the coffin, implant the direction and dig golden well. We are also aware of the running water factor. if tomb is not setup properly – such like the water goes inside the corpse, consequently the family will face many problems such as health issue, and loss of wealth. The impact may go into the number of sons or grandsons, it all comes from the box of the corpse burial. That’s why we have to plan carefully and use high quality materials for building (such as red bricks) and make top-cover to cover the golden well, which is called 7-star plate. it is not only re-tapping the cue just from ground to earth, but also setting the right Qi within 360′ from where the xue receiving. 

If Si Ku Zang burial is not performed properly, that may cause situation like Dried Corpse, Swollen Corpse, Charnel Corpse, Raise Corpse on the decayed body. Once that happens, it will cause a lot of unfortunate happenings to the family and descendants, such as health problems, court case involvement, business betrayal issues, and worse the family members may be insane, or bearing deformed children, or becoming drug addicts or even loss of life.


This is the situation where the decayed body was found somewhere , and once it was identified the family will then collect the bones and reburial.

The same process like Si Ku Zang is performed, the techniques to tap the right xue/dragon spot is applied, so that the descendants will benefit from the Feng Shui.

Other situation to apply Bones Re-burial is probably due to the initial land Feng Shui is nit good, so it needs to redo the process, select a good date to open the tomb dig out the coffin to do re-burial. Sometimes they will change the coffin, change the golden well rebuild the whole tomb plate and tap the sitting as well. Certain re-burial process may be performed after 7 or 8 years of initial burial is done.


Due to sickness, the body may be decayed or in the situation of serious accidents where the body already deformed, so the family has to do cremation, but they would want burial in a good Feng Shui place (instead of throwing out to the sea) in order for the descendants to benefit from the Feng Shui, its the same process we apply with all the techniques for reburial.


There are 2 types of Sheng Ji:

One is known as the Living Tomb. It is where the tomb is built before someone passes away. The tomb is located at the good Feng Shui land area.

Second is known as Shared Sheng Ji – “it is a shared tomb with others at the same xue in order to benefit the good Feng Shui together.


This is to collect the ash, and place at the good place or location in the columbarium, and tap the good sitting location. Although we cant tap the ground Qi from heaven and earth, but to the 360′ perspective, it will also deploy the auspicious luck to the family and descendants. 


The re-burial bones process is performed mainly due to the bad location of burial after cremation. Thus they need to collect the bones/ash and relocate to other good Feng Shui land with proper reburial techniques – which includes date selection for reburial process, ground breaking, re-build of tomb, body cleaning, dry-up body with fire, or burn those non-decay body etc. Those techniques should be performed properly by qualified Feng Shui Master.